Why are you afraid?

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      M’zmor L’sodah

      Yaakov Avinu saw that there was a Shever, a break, and he said to his sons, “Why are you afraid?   Yaakov saw  Shever as a choice to break from living in a system, in a world without purpose; Unification of Hashem.  He saw the world of Galus as the price to pay to live in a world of eternal life. He taught us to use the Galus to find the Shever; the food of Hashem, rather than succumb to a system of immediate pleasure without real purpose.  How did he say to do so? Serving Hashem with pleasure and joy; with eternal purpose. This is considered food for Hashem.  When we daven, learn, do our Mitzvos with joy, seeking a world of good, we are nourishing Hashem Kavyachal with our Shever we find. Hashem responds with Merchav. He will be able to rise up and stand up to the entire world, and the enemies will have to hide underground.  Thus, Yaakov Avinu asked, “Why are you afraid”?  (Based on class taught by Harav Simcha L Weinberg, n”y , 12.13.23)

      We can use the words of “Ivdu Es Hashem B’simcha” and have in mind whenever we find a shever, to choose to use this world to serve Hashem with Joy; expansive eternal living, with perspective to rise up above all enemies.

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