8 lights, 8 nights, 8 tefillos

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    • Tamara Ezekiel 2 years ago

      Inspired by Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi


      Sitting with our candles after we have lit is a special time to pray. To thank Hashem for all the kindnesses He has done for us, and to daven for what we desire in our life.


      Night 1: To not be lonely or depressed

      Night 2: For a shidduch, for shalom bayit

      Night 3: For righteous children

      Night 4: For balance in life, to build within my 4 walls

      Night 5: For my husband and children to love Your Torah and learn it deeply

      Night 6: For simcha

      Night 7: To connect to Shabbos, for Shabbos to be a source of blessing for my family

      Night 8: For nissim, for childless couples to have children


      Whatever we take the time to daven for, it should come from our heart and soul. The Chasam Sofer writes that if we cry in front of the candles, we can be sure our tefillos will be accepted. May our tefillos pierce the skies, this Chanuka and always!

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