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In just a few minutes a day you can nurture your soul with the inspirational words in every Daily Dose audio clip.


A specially curated collection of books that will invigorate, nourish and awaken what lies within you.


A diverse compendium of audio compilations designed to motivate your spirit and awaken your power of prayer.


A diverse selection of interactive classes and recordings created to motivate your spirit and awaken your power of prayer.

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An assorted collection of prayer tools formed to support, maintain your prayer faculties and effectiveness.


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Recently Added Resources


Tefillah Mapping

What if you could see the the structure of the words of Tefilla to help you attain a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Hakadosh Baruch Hu? What if you can peek into the patterns of the Siddur that...

Machzor Exploration

High Holidays- 5 Class Series - Interactive Zoom Class- Explore the depths of the  Machzor of Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Succot with the esteemed Rabbi Simcha Weinberg, n''y, B"E"H. Starting August 12 2021 , Recurring Class for 5 weeks ,...

Menorah System and Tutorial

Accessing the system of the Menorah given to us by Hashem during the seven weeks of consolation in order to prepare ourselves for Rosh Hashana.    The task of the seven weeks between the destruction of...

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