“Vihaarev Na”, Part 1

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    • Michal 2 years ago

      Please make the words of Your Torah pleasant.. וְהַעֲרֶב נָא

      Today’s Middah is Hod in Tiferes.

      I read these words shared by Harav Simcha L Weinberg, about this day of sefira, and he says:

      “Hod in Tiferes reminds us that whether as a parent, teacher, or friend, when we offer guidance, advice, or criticism, it must be in such a manner that will allow the recipient to discover his own inner beauty.”[1]

      I began to ask myself, if this is what it means when we ask Hashem to make His words of Torah pleasant to us, and our children, and the whole nation of Israel as stated in the morning blessings of the Torah.

      The word וְהַעֲרֶב is from the root word עָרֵב which can mean many different things.

      The word appears in Shir Hashirim[2], and the Ibn Ezra translates it as “נעים ונוח”, (pleasant and at ease),

      Metzudat Tzion translates this word as sweetness and pleasantness. Interestingly he connects this word to a verse in Malachi we say daily:

      וְעָֽרְבָה֙ לַֽה מִנְחַ֥ת יְהוּדָ֖ה וִירֽוּשָׁלָ֑͏ִם כִּימֵ֣י עוֹלָ֔ם וּכְשָׁנִ֖ים קַדְמֹנִיֹּֽת

      Then the offerings of Yehudah and Yerushalayim shall be pleasing to Hashem as in the days of yore and in the years of old.

      The Ibn Ezra describes the sweetness as our service in the first Beis Hamikdash.

      Another definition of עָרֵב is from the root word “pledge” and also “responsibility”.

      I think that if we take this approach of עָֽרְבָה֙ as the description of the sweetness depicted in the serving Hashem in the first Beis Hamikdash; it seems consistent with the idea that Rabbi Weinberg, n’’y conveys in discussing Hod in Tiferes.

      I think we can use this bracha with the intention of asking Hashem to fulfill His pledge as The Guarantor to His nation of Yisrael insuring us that we hear His Torah in a manner that we can discover our own beauty, and our children do as well,  just as He did when we were able to serve Hashem in the first Beis Hamikdash.


      May we be zoche to live in a world of Hod restoring our balance and connected to our balance, our Tiferes Biezras Hashem.












      [1] https://thefoundationstone.org/midot-hayom-5770-day-19-hod-in-tiferet/

      [2] Shir Hashirim, 2:14:3, יוֹנָתִ֞י בְּחַגְוֵ֣י הַסֶּ֗לַע בְּסֵ֙תֶר֙ הַמַּדְרֵגָ֔ה הַרְאִ֙ינִי֙ אֶתּ־מַרְאַ֔יִךְ הַשְׁמִיעִ֖ינִי אֶת־קוֹלֵ֑ךְ כִּי־קוֹלֵ֥ךְ עָרֵ֖ב וּמַרְאֵ֥יךְ נָאוֶֽה

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