Kavana for Parnassa

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    • Partners in Prayer 3 months ago
      פּוֹתֵחַ אֶת־יָדֶךָ וּמַשְׂבִּיעַ לְכָל־חַי רָצוֹן
      You open Your Hand and You satisfy [the needs of] all living things [with] favor.  (Tehillim, 145:16)
       I have been using the following insight for these words associated with parnassa, (livelyhood), in this way.
      Open Your Hand Hashem,  meaning if there was any part of me that thought I received my Parnassa because of  “my hand”  I am in this moment releasing my hand, and stating it is Your Hand and not mine that provided for me.
      It is only when I can recognize it is all You; that there is space made so I can receive Your Good and absorb Your Good.
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