The Special Light of Chanukah

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      The Shelah Hakadosh, teaches how his father ztz’’l wrote in his sefer B’eimek Habracha that the words של חנוכה in the brachah of lighting the Chanukah Candles as one word; שלחנוכה, and not two separate words.

      The Shelah shares an explanation for this approach.  He explains that when it comes to lighting the Shabbos candles we say: נר של שבת, as separate words. This is because the light of Shabbos candles are needed for Shalom Bayis. However the candle of Chanukah is not like any other candles, and is not used for oneself. It is for the purpose of publicizing the miracle of Chanukah.  Therefore the words were made into one.  Meaning the blessing of the candle is only for Chanukah.[1]

      Based on the Shelah’s explanation of how Chanukah is a time to express Hashem’s Miracles publicly, for others,  rather than using the lights of candles for oneself, and the fact that is it a unique light not like another, I believe we can learn about the type of light and good of Hashem available to us on Chanukah unlike another time.

      The Ramchal states that the purpose of creation is Hashem to give from His goodness, to another beside Him.[2]  Hashem’s Goodness can also be called Hashem’s Light.[3]

      One of the explanations of a Miracle is to make us great in the world. [4]

      I think that Chanukah is the time Hashem is sharing His Light, to make us great; in order for us to elevate from our nature and be G-d like.

      When we light our candles in essence we are emulating Him, by learning how to give our good to others.  That is the ultimate Miracle to make public.  This is how we can become a light on the nations.  This is the light of Mashiach.

      May we all access this special Chanukah light.



      [1]  Sh’nei Luchos Habris on Maseches Tamid.

      [2] Derech Hashem, Part One

      [3] Kad Hakemach, Chanukah

      [4] Ramban, on Shemos, 20:17

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